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Google Classroom

Please see the information on our Google Classroom page here.


view a student timetable on google calendar

Once you are signed into Google Classroom you can also view your student timetable on Google Calendar. 

Please note: if you are using an Android phone you will already have Google Calendar as an app on your phone. However, if you use an iphone you may need to download the Google Calendar app from the App Store (it is free).



Weduc is a parental communication app. It allows the school to send messages to parents and carers, and also has a newsfeed, school calendar, noticeboard and information on your child, such as attendance, timetable, teachers and behaviour data.

When we need to send you an important alert, the Weduc app will flash up a notice on your phone screen - particularly useful when we have to notify you of school closures.

Want to enrol in Weduc?

Then please contact

Forgotten your weduc password?

There is a link on the log in page that will take you through to a page where you can reset your password.

why can't I reply to the emails from weduc?

If you only get emails from Weduc then you will not be able to reply to them. They are notifications of a message that is waiting for you within Weduc, and you would only be able to reply to it there. The '' is a Weduc system address and is not monitored. 

If you choose to use the Weduc app then you will be able to reply to messages within it.

Otherwise, if you only wish to communicate by email, please send messages to the main school email address:



got any questions?

If you have any queries about these apps please contact IT via email: