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We are currently holding the following consultation:


Consultation about proposed permanent increase in pupil numbers at Silverdale School

Silverdale School is consulting local stakeholders about a proposed permanent increase in pupil numbers. This letter outlines the consultation process and provides information about why it is happening.


consultation response: frequently asked questions

You can view a copy of the Frequently Asked Questions document here, which has been published in response to the consultation submissions.


What is the proposal?

To increase the Year 7 Pupil Admission Number (PAN) from 180 to 240 from September 2019 onwards, subject to approval of grant funding for an expansion to the building.


Why is Silverdale proposing to increase pupil numbers?

There are two main reasons for the proposed increase:

1. Meeting the need for more school places within our feeder schools and catchment area.

Silverdale School is an extremely popular school, with first and second parental preferences more than double the number of places it has. It is smaller than other local secondary schools and has already expanded twice on a temporary basis at the request of the Local Authority. This increased two year groups (the current Year 8 and next year’s Year 7) to a similar size to those in other local schools.

This was in response to the increased need for school places in this part of Sheffield because of the increased birth rate over the last five years, which will continue until well after 2024. To some extent, this issue has been addressed by the opening of the new Mercia School. However, even with this new school, there will still be a need to provide more secondary school places to meet parental preference.

The current temporary expansion was to accommodate children from our feeder schools, catchment area and those with siblings already at the school, who would not have otherwise been allocated their school of preference.

If we hadn’t taken an additional 60 students for this September, 106 students would have been denied their catchment school in the south-west of the city. And 15 students who have siblings in south-west schools would have been placed in different schools.

2. Gaining additional pupil led funding to ensure the financial viability of the school.

As a smaller secondary school in Sheffield, Silverdale receives less funding on the whole. In a time of restricted government funding, increasing the number of pupils helps ensure financial viability of an outstanding, nationally top performing school for the local community. This will not only meet the need for school places but will also sustain the attractiveness of buying property in the area.


Why is Silverdale always so heavily oversubscribed?

Silverdale School is a highly successful 11-18 secondary school in Sheffield. It is rated as ‘Outstanding’ by Ofsted and continues to achieve GCSE and A-level results within the top 20% of non-selective schools in the country. This year it was chosen as ‘Top State Secondary School of the North’ by the Sunday Times. As a result, the school is heavily oversubscribed, with first and second parental preferences for Silverdale totalling over 400 per annum with only 180 places available. Therefore, in line with the Government policy of expanding successful schools*, we would like to offer additional places so more parental preferences can be met, particularly within catchment and feeder primary schools.


How can I make my submission to this consultation?

The consultation period about the increase in the PAN has now closed.


How can I have my say about any proposed building works?

If we are successful in increasing pupil numbers, and in obtaining grant funding for an expansion, we will then hold a separate consultation regarding planning permission for any building works.


What is the timeline for the consultation process?

The closing date for submissions is Friday 13 July 2018. All questions raised will receive a response via a Frequently Asked Questions document, which we will publish within seven days of the submissions deadline.


Where can I see any published information about the consultation?

All information will be published on our website at:


Updated information

You can download the architect's drawings here which show one proposal for an additional building. Please note that this is a first attempt at a solution and could be changed based on feedback.

You can download a presentation here about why Silverdale is proposing to increase student numbers.