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Maths (Core): Level 3 certificate

Qualification: Level 3 certificate

Exam Board: OCR

Entry Requirements: Grade 4 or above in GCSE Maths.


Increase your confidence in maths to support other subjects

The full title of this course is the Level 3 Certificate in Quantitative Problem Solving (MEI). It is designed for students who do not study A-level Maths and offers them the opportunity to build their knowledge to a higher level, with a focus on the use and application of mathematics and statistics.

Core Maths is about students doing meaningful mathematical problems to increase their confidence in using mathematics to be better equipped for the mathematical demands of other courses, higher education and employment.

It helps with other A-level subject, in particular science, geography, business studies, economics and psychology.

The course is led by mathematics teachers who specialise in statistics.


The course

The course is developed by employers, universities and professional bodies. It is 80% GCSE content and 20% A-level content.

Topics covered include:

  • Data analysis.
  • Modelling.
  • Statistics.
  • Finance.
  • Working with exponentials.
  • Working with gradients.
  • Risk.
  • Estimation.
  • Problem solving.
  • Communicating solutions.
  • Use of technology.


Beyond the classroom

Our Maths department has friendly, supportive staff who frequently run support sessions for students outside of class.



The course helps students to improve their understanding of the mathematical content within their chosen subjects and it is also a desirable qualification for many degree courses.

The needs of students preparing for a variety of technical and professional roles are met through learning about mathematical modelling, costing, risk and the use of spreadsheets. Financial problem solving is a part of the qualification; this is important for all students, irrespective of their future ambitions.

As a result of digital technology, data is now being collected and used on a scale that was unimaginable just a few years ago. This is true in the workplace and in most areas of study. This qualification is designed to enable students to understand this world.