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Reading in Years 8 & 9

At Silverdale, we believe that reading for pleasure is vital to our students' development - both academically and to support their wellbeing. It provides them with knowledge and develops their academic reading and writing. A good writer comes from being a big reader. It helps form the basis of success in all subjects, giving students the stamina to read longer texts.

Young people often stop reading for pleasure in their early teens and lose that window on the world.


What can parents and carers do?

You can encourage them to read at home and ensure there is challenge in their reading. It's not just about Tom Gates and David Walliams - as these books often don't have words and sentences that are challenging enough. Ideally, students should be reading for at least 20 minutes every night, recording it on the bookmark provided by school. If your child says that they don't have any homework, they do! They should be reading!

Below you can find some recommended reading from our English department, to help students find new books.


What happens in school?

In all English lessons at Key Stage 3 there is time at the start for reading. In Year 7 and 8 they will have had library lessons every two weeks and so should understand how to make the most of this fantastic resource.