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At Silverdale School, we want students to:

  • become avid readers, powerful speakers, articulate writers and sensitive listeners.

To enable students to achieve this goal, we:

  • evaluate and maintain the quality of the teaching of Literacy across the school
  • create and maintain ‘Literacy-Rich’ learning environments across the school.

Across the three ‘strands’ of Literacy, students experience and participate in many of the following:


  • For pleasure – own time to enjoy reading (English and tutor time).
  • DARTS (skimming and scanning, sequencing, cloze, prediction) used across all subjects.
  • Reading ages.
  • Reading competitions.
  • Reading groups.
  • Learning resource centre.
  • Paired reading – Year 7 and Year 12.


  • DIRT time (Directed Improvement and Reflection Time).
  • Handwriting workshops.
  • Small writing groups.
  • Writing competitions.
  • Connectives mats.
  • Keywords lists.
  • Assemblies on transferring skills.
  • Planner pages (spelling, punctuation and grammar) to improve quality of written communication.


  • Socratic seminars and dialogic teaching.
  • Collaborative learning (Kagan).
  • Poetry aloud.
  • Rehearse, read aloud, role-play, language for discussion.

All students across the school benefit from a consistent, rigorous and persistent approach to Literacy in every lesson, every day across every subject.