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Differentiation is a very important part of our drive to ensure that all pupils achieve beyond expectation.

What is differentiation?

Differentiation is all about making learning accessible to all pupils within a lesson, to ensure that they make progress in that lesson.

Differentiation can take many forms.

  • pupils could be set different tasks that will have the right level of challenge for them
  • pupils could be provided with different resources to help them to access the learning, for instance a pupil might be provided with a resource to help them to ‘scaffold’ an extended piece of writing
  • pupils could be given one-to-one support from a teacher or a teaching assistant to help them to access the learning
  • pupils could be asked to record or present their learning in different ways
  • pupils could be challenged to take on ‘extension’ tasks to develop their learning further
  • pupils will be given individual feedback so that they know how to take the next steps in their learning.

For more information on differentiation, please read our Teaching and Learning framework.