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The Performing Arts department aims to ignite a lifelong passion for the subject. We want students to be free to explore creatively above and beyond their expectations and challenge their own ideas with that of their peers. Our goal is to promote interest in the arts whilst developing lasting skills to carry them through into their chosen futures. The Performing Arts department offers a wide variety of extra-curricular programmes that change throughout the year in order to engage students from all different cohorts. All pupils will be given every opportunity to develop their skills and talents via the curriculum and extra-curricular courses.

Key Stage 3

Student in year 7 to 9 will study a wide range of Drama strategies via different styles and themes

  • Introduction to a wide variety of drama conventions
  • Pantomime/Melodrama, Naturalism, sensory theatre, non-naturalism, documentary drama, mask theatre
  • Themes vary depending upon the group ranging from fairy tale to war also spanning across fiction, nonfiction, historical to current wider world issues.
  • Focus is equally given to developing all aspects of drama; Group skills, technical skills, performance skills and analysis skills (verbal and written).


GCSE Drama



You will study all aspects of the theatre and the many roles within: exploring the theatre on, off and behind stage from acting/directing to design elements; you will be challenged mentally and stretched creatively whilst studying two theatre texts practically and devising from stimuli; your analytical skills will become more refined both verbally and through written commentary but most of all you will develop skills needed for your future paths.

  • 40% devising as a performer of designer to create an original piece of theatre in response to a stimulus (assessed portfolio and practical).
  • 20% performance from a text or a designer – 2 extracts.
  • 40% Written exam:
    a) Bringing a text to life – studied practically. Answer questions on artistic choices.
    b) Live theatre evaluation.


beyond the classroom

The school production of School of Rock.

The drama department offers a wide range of extra-curricular on a rolling schedule.

  • The Shakespeare Schools Festival is an annual event where we take students ranging through the key stages to perform or as technical assistants in the festival. This offers a unique opportunity for all students involved in the professional world of the theatre and long lasting memories
  • The annual School production offers a classic Musical theatre school experience. We pride ourselves on an inclusive production of all abilities to a high standard. Students develop their performance skills and confidence whilst making friendships across the school
  • The Arts Award is a new venture to the school and we currently are offering the Bronze award and Silver award to a range of students who are developing their love for the arts through the journey of the award.
  • Showcases throughout the year offer platforms for all the performing arts clubs. They are also a way that we share exceptional Key stage 3 classroom work and as a tool to raise performance skills for our key stage 4 GCSE students. Ultimately they are a great way for family and friends to enjoy the commitment and talents of our students and celebrate their hard work.


future pathways

A love for the theatre and developing a greater cultural appreciation, with a refined understanding of the industry. This course leads directly into the A-level Theatre Studies and is specifically designed to facilitate post 16 study of Drama. The GCSE is equally valuable as a subject that compliments other GCSE studies. It is recognised as being beneficial to further study of academic subjects; research has found that at Cambridge University “Drama helps students get into law”.