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Executive Headteacher’s welcome

Welcome to Silverdale School's website

As a parent and Headteacher, I am keenly aware of the hopes and aspirations parents and students invest in education. We all want our children to be happy, confident and secure and to enjoy the most formative years of their lives. We want them to be supported and challenged in equal measure, so they achieve their goals and realise their dreams.

At Silverdale School we have high ambitions for and expectations of all our students and encourage them to work hard, be committed, conduct themselves well and treat fellow members of our learning community with respect.

I am grateful for the trust that parents place in us. In return, we undertake to provide the highest quality educational experience we can, aspiring to ‘Outstanding Achievement for All.’ This education is not confined to the classroom and beyond it we provide a uniquely wide range of opportunities in music, art, theatre, sport, adventure, service, leadership and internationalism. These allow each student to excel in one or more areas and to grow in confidence and develop new skills. Our approach is personal and individualised; we seek to identify and maximise the strengths of every individual and to help all students to overcome any obstacles to their success. At the end of their time at Silverdale School we want our students to have developed a life-long passion for learning.

At Silverdale School the learning that takes place in the classroom is the cornerstone of the school's success. A dedicated team of well qualified, skilled teachers and support staff provide outstanding learning and teaching for students, and the training and support we provide as a Teaching School helps to maintain and develop further the quality of this classroom experience.

Our students are enthusiastic, motivated and ambitious to succeed and maintain very high standards of behaviour and engagement in their studies. They are encouraged to be reflective and creative in their thinking and to become increasingly independent learners as they progress through the school. We believe that the Outstanding Education which students receive at Silverdale School will enable your children to become successful and responsible citizens of the future.

Roisin Paul
Executive Headteacher
Chorus Education Trust

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