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Preparing for university and careers

Ensuring that our students are prepared for the next, important stage in their lives is of the utmost importance to us. So we work extremely hard to ensure you start thinking about your choices once you join us.

This process starts with discussions in tutor groups about possible career paths, when we encourage students to ‘long-list’ their possible options. Resources are also available in the UCAS section of the Sixth Form common room, where a wide range of prospectuses are displayed.

The work is supported by visiting speakers who inform students about issues such as student finance, gap years, career paths, degree apprenticeships, CVs and interviews. In conjunction with the local universities our students attend an Independence Day which gives them a flavour of student life. We also organise visits to higher education and careers conferences, including one specifically about applying to Oxbridge.

Focused support is given to potential applicants to Oxbridge and to competitive courses such as Medicine and Law.

We encourage Year 12 students to be pro-active over their summer break in researching courses, degree apprenticeships and possible career routes. It is vital that all of our students (regardless of their post-18 choices) return to school with a draft of a personal statement so that we can work with them to build up a strong CV and/or UCAS application.

When students return in Year 13, their tutor (who is a specialist in post-16 issues) will take a particular interest in their personal progress and welfare, and will help them to manage the transition to University, Higher Level Degree Apprenticeships or the world of work.

Along with our post-18 careers specialist advisor, our tutors will provide the advice and guidance needed to decide on future career paths, both in taught tutorial sessions and in individual interviews. They help students to complete their applications to higher education or employment. They will also write references for their students using the academic references provided by subject teachers as guidance.

Once students have completed their applications we will provide interview practice should students require it. As they receive replies from universities via UCAS both tutors and the Sixth Form team will continue to support students in making decisions.

On results day the Sixth Form team, along with our post-18 careers specialist advisor, will be available to help students with any issues that arise and can advise on alternative routes if needed.