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SEN support

At Silverdale we believe in ‘Outstanding Achievement for All” and as part of this vision we are committed to providing outstanding support for our most vulnerable learners. In order to achieve this we are dedicated to working in partnership with families and wider services. Effective communication and collaboration will enable us to develop partnerships based on trust.

The inclusion team work closely together to provide the highest standard of support to the students at Silverdale. The team is built up of many different skill sets and strengths; by working together the inclusion team have helped many past and current students. The inclusion team like to have good relationships with the parents of Silverdale students, so we can keep them up to date with all the progress that is made.

“Like most parents I was very anxious about my son making such a big leap from junior to secondary school! But we had lots of positive visits and all the staff gave me and my son the confidence and reassurance needed to take that step. The transition to sccondary went really well and he is now really happy and has settled in well!”

Our SEN Information Report

The SEN Information Report can be downloaded from our Policies page.

About us

Mr R Horton, is our Deputy Head with responsibility for overseeing the co-ordination of support for those students Special Educational Needs (SEN) and/or a disability. You can contact him via the school enquiries email address.

Mr D Dalrymple is our SENCO.  You can contact him via the school enquiries email address.

We have a team of 5 teaching assistants who are highly trained and experienced to deliver outstanding support in and outside of the classroom. Some of the Teaching assistants have areas of expertise and lead on interventions. All of our Teaching Assistants are keyworkers.

Intervention Leaders

Kerry Aizlewood–Lubas, Autism & Communication lead.

You can email her here.

Keyworkers and Teaching Assistants

Katryn Al-Aswad. Email here.
Tracey Pawlak. Email here.
Suzanne Taylor. Email here.

Role of the keyworker

The role of the keyworker is to provide consistent support for specific students. The keyworker will provide support as appropriate in tutor time; provide regular contact with parents via the school planner, telephone or email. The keyworker will attend review meetings and provide written feedback to contribute the annual review process. The keyworker will build a positive relationships with the student and respond to any daily issues as appropriate.

Access arrangements

At Silverdale, we believe that every student deserves the opportunity to show what they know and can do in exams. Sometimes, students may need extra help in showing their skills, which is why have access arrangments in place. If you would like to learn more about access arrangments, please click the link below.

Feedback from parents and students

We value all feedback we get from our parents and our students at Silverdale. Without the feedback, we wouldnt be able to progress and think of new ideas to help the students and their parents. Below are a few comments that we believe show the positive outcomes for students involved in inclusion and SEND.

"We were so impressed with the support that both our son, and us as parents, had to prepare for moving to senior school. It was very tailored to the needs of our child - from the initial meetings at Dobcroft, the numerous school visits and many meetings to ensure that we had thought through all that could be done both at school and home.  I am really pleased to say that this support has carried on into our son's Y7 experience and without it there is a good chance that he would not still be in mainstream education."

“We were very impressed with the work Silverdale did during Y6, the summer holidays and the support they continue to give on an ongoing basis in Y7. The SENCO has a refreshing understanding of Autism.  I would say she has gone out of her way to help our family, but it is clear that all the support she offers is what she sees every child is entitled to. She and her team have been very proactive in providing support to our child.  I feel comfortable contacting the Y7 team when problems have arisen and have been very impressed at the many different strategies that have been put in place to react to the situation. SEN isn't an inconvenience to her or her team and that has made an enormous difference to us.”

"I found the teachers and support teachers really kind - they have helped me to settle in".

“transition helped school to feel more familiar, know what the lessons were like (and that they could be fun) and realise that you don't  get detentions too easily.”

Support systems within Sheffield

The Sheffield Parent Carers Forum (SPCF) have produced a helpful booklet which describes and explains the support systems which operate in the city. Please click here to view the booklet.