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Uniform and equipment

You can download a handy Ticklist of the uniform and equipment you need from the bottom of this page.

All students who attend Silverdale School in years 7 through to 11 are expected to wear Silverdale School uniform.


Covid update

We must keep all classroom doors and windows open as part of the response to COVID-19. Therefore we have changed our uniform expectations slightly to ensure students can remain warm during the autumn and winter months.


What is changing:
  • Pupils in all year groups may wear a hoodie with school logo.
  • Students should wear layers under your uniform – thermal layer, long sleeve t-shirts, thin jumpers.
  • The top layer must be either a school jumper, school hoodie or school cardigan with the school logo.


What is staying the same:


  • Black polo shirt with school logo (white shirts are no longer allowed).
  • Black sweatshirt with school logo.
  • Black cardigan with school logo.
  • Black tailored trousers (loose fitting, plain style, not tight around the ankle, at least ankle length - no denim, jeggings, jeans or chino style).
  • Black tailored shorts (loose fitting, mid-thigh length or longer).
  • Black tailored skirts (loose fitting, knee length or longer - no denim or tube skirts).
    Must be on the knee. Anything above the knee is considered to be too short.
  • Black or white religious headdress if appropriate. No other headwear is allowed.
  • Tights must be plain black with no patterns or holes.
  • Shoes
  • Flat, plain, black shoes with no white or coloured logos, soles or markings.




One wrist watch and one small pair of ear studs may be worn. No bracelets or any form of piercing allowed.


Tights must be plain black and not patterned, with no holes.


Appropriate outdoor coats (preferably black) should be worn outside. They must not be worn inside the building, apart from the dining room.

Footwear (applies from September 2019)

Pupils must wear flat, plain, black shoes with no white or coloured logos, soles or markings. Sandals and boots are not allowed.

However, in adverse weather conditions, e.g. snow, appropriate footwear can be worn, but only to and from school.

Pupils must wear suitable shoes which offer reasonable protection when participating in Design and Technology lessons in the workshop areas.

Examples of footwear that is NOT appropriate:


PE Equipment


  • Grey Silverdale PE T-shirt / GCSE PE T-shirt.       
  • Black & white Silverdale long sleeved shirt.
  • Thermal base layer (preferably black, but can be any colour - to be worn under grey PE t-shirt).
  • Black Silverdale shorts *                                  
  • Black tracksuit bottoms/leggings (must be plain)
  • Black or burgundy Silverdale Sport hoodie
  • White or black socks of any length
  • Black sports hijab

* KS4 students can wear sports shorts - plain black. Skin-tight shorts are not allowed.


  • Sports training shoes / Astroturf trainers.
  • Rugby / Football boots for lessons on the field (optional – but advised)

No items of school uniform are to be worn as part of your PE kit.
This includes:

  • School jumper / hoody.
  • School shoes.
  • Coat.

Mouthguards and shin pads:

We strongly encourage parents to purchase and reinforce the importance of wearing a mouth guard with their child, when taking part in curriculum hockey or rugby PE lessons.

Students taking part in extra curricula hockey or rugby fixtures and tournaments will be expected to have and wear a mouth guard in order to participate.

Shin pads are also strongly recommended for playing rugby and hockey.


What happens if correct school uniform is not worn?

We are confident that we can rely on the good sense of both pupils and parents to maintain acceptable standards. However, staff will carry out daily checks on uniform and incorrect uniform will be confiscated.

Hoodies and jackets will be kept in school until a parent can come into school to collect it – whilst incorrect footwear, trousers and skirts will be given back at the end of the school day. If uniform is available to be changed into, students will be provided with appropriate alternative uniform.

The usual school sanctions will apply if students do not wear the correct uniform. For more information see our behaviour policy on our policies page on the school website.


Ordering uniform

Uniforms can be ordered at:

Their order form can be downloaded from this page below.

Please order well in advance of the start of the school year. During term time the Stitch Factory can deliver to the school reception for collection by students.


Other equipment

Students are expected to come to school with the correct equipment for learning. Every student must bring to school every day:

  • hand sanitiser and tissues,
  • a pen,
  • a pencil,
  • a ruler.
  • a pencil case,
  • a green pen,
  • a spare pen,
  • an eraser,
  • a scientific calculator,
  • a glue stick,
  • a highlighter
  • if possible, students should also bring headphones (not wireless) to use in the language lab
  • plenty of water
  • face masks and sealable plastic bags to keep them in.

All students should put their pen, pencil and ruler on the table in form time and at the start of every lesson.


Face coverings

Please see our dedicated Face Coverings webpage here.


Use of mobile phones and other electronic devices

Teachers will make a decision in their class about whether mobile phones and electronic devices can be used. They will display a sign at the front of the class that denotes whether devices can be used, using a simple red and green system.
Headphones must not be visible inside the classroom. Students will be given one chance to put away a device and remove headphones. Failure to do so will result in the device/headphones being confiscated by the teacher until the end of the lesson. Refusal to hand over the device will result in the normal behaviour policy being applied.


Chewing gum

We remind you that chewing gum is a banned item in school. Students found with chewing gum will receive a detention.



A ticklist of all uniform and equipment needed can be downloaded below.