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Are you school-ready?

It is important that students turn up to school ready for the day ahead, so we have prepared a useful summary of how to ensure you are 'school-ready' - plus information about what will happen if students don't come to school ready to learn.

School uniform

All pupils in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 wear standard Silverdale dress. Full details of the school uniform can be found on our website here.
Please note that from September 2017 the rules have changed regarding skirt length. All skirts must now be knee-length or longer. 

The webpage also contains additional guidance about coats, tights, headwear, PE kit, and what happens if the correct uniform is not worn. Please note that there will be daily uniform checks at the start of term.

Please ensure that all uniform is clearly labelled. Our preferred supplier for this is Easy2Name as the Silverdale PTA (Parents' and Teachers' Association) receives a cashback from all orders - bringing us much-needed extra funds.


Students are expected to come to school with the correct equipment for learning. Every student must bring to school every day:

  • a pen,
  • a pencil,
  • a ruler.

Every student should bring to school every day:

  • a pencil case,
  • a green pen,
  • a spare pen,
  • an eraser,
  • a scientific calculator,
  • a glue stick,
  • a highlighter.

We run a School Shop in the library, where students can buy equipment at the start of each day.

All students should put their pen, pencil and ruler on the table in form time and at the start of every lesson.

Chewing gum 

We remind you that chewing gum is a banned item in school. Students found with chewing gum will receive detentions.

Use of mobile phones and other electronic devices

Teachers will make a decision in their class about whether mobile phones and electronic devices can be used. 
They will display a sign at the front of the class that denotes whether devices can be used, using a simple red and green system.

Headphones must not be visible inside the classroom. Students will be given one chance to put away a device and remove headphones. Failure to do so will result in the device/headphones being confiscated by the teacher until the end of the lesson. Refusal to hand over the device will result in the normal behaviour policy being applied.

Behaviour that will be challenged:

  • Use of device without the consent of classroom teacher. Students charging devices in school. 
  • Passing devices to others in the classroom. 
  • Music played in a public space that contains inappropriate or offence content. 

We will not tolerate:

  • Taking pictures or film without consent. 
  • Use of social media inside the classroom (unless authorised).  
  • Students who engage in ‘group chats’ which are created to target an individual with the intention of being unkind or to cause offence. 
  • Sharing of inappropriate material online – including material that is racist, homophobic, sexist, includes extremist content or discriminatory language against people with special needs and disabilities. 
  • Sharing inappropriate material of a sexual content (including sexting).
  • Deliberate attempts to contact staff via social media or use their online profile to harass, intimidate, make threats or cause offence to any member of staff and / or adult.
  • Using social media to harass, intimidate, make threats or cause offence to another student. 

For more information about our behaviour policy, which includes the systems and sanctions we use please see our website here.