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Student support

Strong pastoral care is one of the pillars of our success. All students in Year 12 and 13 have a form tutor who provides the academic and wellbeing intervention central to post-16 accomplishments. Tutors deliver our extensive tutorial sessions which contain study and thinking skills to bridge the gap between GCSE and post-16 learning. They also undertake academic mentoring with students on a one-to-one basis following our regular, calendared assessment and feedback windows known as Assessment Points, and post-exams.

We appreciate that some students do struggle with the transition into Sixth Form and are committed to working with them and their families to find solutions that work. We closely monitor their progress during Year 12 and, if it looks like they are not making the expected levels of progress, we will talk to them and their parents/carers. We will investigate whether they need additional academic or pastoral support, as well as ensuring that they have chosen a course that is right for them. If, after their transition exams at the end of Year 12, they achieve an E grade or below, we will talk to them about possible alternative options. Students who have chosen alternatives – such as retaking Year 12, changing course, or studying for the 1-year Pre-U course instead, have had an excellent track record in achieving success and then getting in to university.

To further support students, we have also developed our Silverdale Sixth Form Mindsets programme which tackles issues of mental wellbeing, preparedness for post-16 and resilience.

Beyond the system of tutors there is an extensive Sixth Form team:

Mr naylor, head of sixth form

Mr Naylor has a wealth of experience in post-16 education. He currently supports students in making the important move into Year 13 and preparation for final exams. He coordinates and leads the UCAS process, overseeing applications, managing personal statements and finalising references. He further supports students with interview guidance and technique, provides academic mentoring in the run-up to exams and offers advice about student finance. He is also an accredited Apprenticeship Champion.

mrs food, deputy head of sixth form

Mrs Food currently works with our students making the transition from GCSE to A-level studies, especially Year 12 students new to Silverdale Sixth Form. She supports them in becoming independent learners and liaises closely with subject departments, students and home to ensure students receive the appropriate support and intervention they require, when they require it. 

Mrs Mountain, Key Stage 5 Support Officer

Mrs Mountain provides both support to students and staff. She provides important social and wellbeing care to students in Sixth Form and coordinates the lunchtime supervisors. She liaises with the Head Student Team and oversees all Sixth Form events.

Mrs ellis, Key Stage 5 Administration

Mrs Ellis ensures that the valuable qualities of punctuality and attendance, essential to success at A-level, are followed. She works closely with students, parents and carers when support around attendance is needed. In addition, Mrs Ellis administers the 16-19 Bursary.

SEND and Inclusion team

Silverdale prides itself on having a strong inclusion team, who work extremely hard to ensure that all students can access their education and feel included within our organisation. This includes mental health support using innovative, nationally-recognised programmes. Our team of professionals also provides rigorous support and advice on safeguarding, inclusion, dyslexia and literacy, autism and communication, behaviour and engagement. We also have a Deaf and Hearing Impaired Integrated Resource within the school.