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Student support

Our Student Support team help students who may need emotional support, or help with mental health issues. Below are our team. We have also brought together a large number of resources in our Student Wellbeing section.

Our Student Support team consists of:

Mrs K Anderson
Safeguarding and Inclusion Manager & Safeguarding Lead
Mrs T Pawlak
Emotional Wellbeing Support Coordinator & Designated Safeguarding Deputy

Form Tutors and Key Stage teams are also well placed to discuss any issues. Many things can cause a change in mental health, including traumatic events (eg. loss or separation, life changes, abuse, domestic violence or bullying).

Maintaining every day, regular routines wherever possible, such as attending school and lessons whilst working towards managing mental health, is key. We offer a range of services to help students develop positive mental health and wellbeing and support those experiencing mental health issues.