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Apply to Silverdale Sixth Form

We have a growing number of applications, both from within Year 11 at Silverdale and from schools across the Sheffield City Region and north Derbyshire.

How to apply

Admissions to Silverdale Sixth Form follow the Sheffield Local Authority process. As such, all applications should be made through Sheffield Progress (, whether you are at a Sheffield School or not. Further information on the application process is available at:

When to apply

You can apply any time from 28 November, when Sheffield Progress opens, until 31 January. Please be aware that schools will set their own internal deadline for submitting sixth form applications so make sure you know when these are. Applications received after the 31 January will not be dealt with until the 21 March at the earliest.

Entry requirements

Students who meet the entry criteria of 5 subjects at grades 4 to 9, including English and Maths, and the individual subject entry requirements, as stipulated on our course pages and on the document below, will be offered a place at Silverdale Sixth Form.

Although we encourage all students to apply within this time frame, applications are considered and accepted until September 2023.

Students who are predicted to meet the general minimum requirement of 5 subjects at grade 4 to 9 (plus any subject specific entry requirements) and who attend a school within Chorus Education Trust will get priority over other non-Silverdale/Chorus students.

Other criteria for priority treatment can apply (such as students in care; students facing exceptional circumstances, such as illness) and are detailed in Sheffield City Council’s A Guide for Parents: Transfer to Secondary School guidance. In the event of there being insufficient places for students from other schools the tiebreaker would be straight line distance between home and Silverdale School as stipulated in the Sheffield City Council guidance.

Please note that all courses are subject to change, depending on the number of students who apply and the availability of teaching staff.