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Attitude to Learning

Attitude to Learning (ATL) is a key focus of Silverdale School and Chorus Education Trust. As a school we want to make sure that our students have the skills and abilities necessary to be successful in the changing world that we find us. We believe that Attitude to Learning is an important development to allow us to better support this outcome. We believe that if we place great emphasis upon developing each pupil's attitude to learning the by-products will be:​

- Great Outcomes for our students​.

- Students that can deal with a variety of situations​.

- Students that consistently have highly positive attitudes and commitment to their education. ​

- Students that are aware of their strengths and limitations.

Below are some presentations from Mr Jones, our Assistant Headteacher responsible for Engagement and Achievement, introducing and explaining Attitude to Learning.


Why the focus on Attitude to Learning?




How does Attitude to Learning work?




Understanding a report




What can parents/carers do to support Attitude to Learning?




resource for parents/carers to use with their child

We have produced a document that can be used as a prompt for conversations with your child about their attitude to learning. It is just a suggested guide but we hope it will help prompt some useful conversations. You can download it here.


Attitude to Learning Mats

Students use these in class and you can view or download a copy here: