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Behaviour and rewards

‘Behaviour in lessons and around the school is exemplary. Students are polite and respectful, and their well-above average attendance shows not only how much they enjoy school, but also how keen they are to do well.’ Ofsted, 2014.


silverdale school expectations

  • Arrive on time, fully equipped and ready to learn.
  • Try your best at all times.
  • Take pride in yourself and respect others.
  • Complete classwork and homework to the highest standard possible for you.
  • Listen to those who are meant to be talking – adults and students.
  • Follow all instructions; first time, every time.


Behaviour in Lessons

  • Students will be rewarded for getting things right. Praise, positive relationships and engagement and meaningful learning experiences are the best methods for ensuring good learning behaviours.
  • Positive comments, positive interactions and praise must outweigh consequences.
  • When poor behaviour does occur this must be dealt with consistently by all teachers with equity of sanction. It should be challenged and the appropriate response and outcome issued.


yellow and red card system in lessons

  • To tackle low-level disruptive behaviour.
  • Replaces the old 'Choice, Chance and Consequence' system.


sanction ladder

  • S1: 15 minute detention with class teacher. Served after school the following day. It is the responsibility of the student to inform parents of a S1 detention.

  • S2: 30 minute Key Stage detention. Key Stage will inform parents of day and time.

  • S3: 40 minute Whole School detention. Key Stage will inform parents of day and time.

  • Seclusion: students removed from lessons for a half or full day. Key Stage will inform parents of day and duration.


Confiscation of personal items in school

Please note that any personal items that contravene school rules are brought into school at the owner's risk. Any damage to these items will not be paid for by the school.