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At Silverdale we expect pupils to be ACE in every lesson:

 Attend on time, in uniform, equipped and ready to learn.

 Comply with instructions, always respecting others

 Engage in all learning opportunities with a ‘Can Do’ attitude

Behaviour we will challenge at Silverdale:

  • Poor uniform
  • Outdoor wear inside the building
  • Swinging on chair
  • Out of seat without permission
  • Unauthorised use of mobile phone or other technology
  • Shouting out/interruption
  • Persistent chatter with peers
  • Poor effort and concentration
  • Unco-operative attitude

Behaviour we will not tolerate at Silverdale:

  • Clothing other than uniform
  • Persistant defiance
  • Bullying
  • Discrimination and prejudice - racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia or disability related
  • Violence and aggression
  • Inappropriate language
  • Dangerous or unsuitable conduct
  • Smoking or use of illegal substances
  • Truancy

Challenging negative behaviour for learning in the classroom:

Choice: Pupils choose how they behave - they can choose to be ACE and earn STARS or they can accept the consequence of their actions.

Chance: Pupils are given a chance to make the right choices. No one’s perfect all of the time. Sometimes we all need reminding to be ACE!

Consequence: If pupils CHOOSE to ignore their CHANCE they will have to accept the CONSEQUENCE - C1 = 10 Minute Detention


Remove Room - C2: If a pupil's behaviour continues to disrupt the learning of others, they will be removed from the lesson.They will continue to work in another classroom within the department area.
On Call - C3: If a pupil refuses to go to the ‘Remove Room’ or becomes aggressive and defiant, they will be taken to the ‘Seclusion Room’. They will automatically receive an after school detention and parents / carers will be informed on the day of the incident.