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DfE statutory information

accessibility plan

To view Silverdale’s Accessibility Plan, please visit the policies page.

Admissions arrangements

The school’s admission policy in full (including arrangements for selection, over subscription criteria and the application process) or information on where and how this information can be accessed on the local authority website here.

Behaviour Policy

To view Silverdale’s behaviour policy, please visit the policies page.

careers programme information

To view Silverdale’s careers programme information, please visit the careers page.

Charging and Remissions Policy

You can find the latest version of this policy on the policies page of the Chorus Education Trust website.


You can find information about how to submit a complaint and who to send it to in our guide here.


To view information about our curriculum, please visit the curriculum page.


You can read about Silverdale’s values and ethos here.

Exam Results

To view Silverdale’s most recent exam results at KS4 and KS5 please visit the exam results page.

Financial Information

To view Silverdale School’s statutory financial information, please view the publications page on the Chorus Education Trust website.

Governance information

To view  information about the Silverdale School Board of Governors, please go to the Silverdale School Governance page on the Chorus Education Trust website.

To view information about Chorus Education's Trust Board of Trustees and its Members, please go to these pages on the Chorus Education Trust website: Chorus Board of Trustees and Chorus Members.

Ofsted Reports

To view Silverdale’s most recent Ofsted Report, please visit the our Ofsted report page.

Performance Tables

Please visit our page on the DfE performance tables website.

Pupil Premium

To view information on Silverdale’s Pupil Premium funding, how it was spent and the impact it has had, please visit the Pupil Premium page.

The Pupil Premium page also contains information on how Silverdale’s Y7 Literacy and Numeracy Catch-up Premium is being used.

Special education needs (SEN) report

To view our SEND policy, please visit our Policies page. For additional information please visit the Learning Support page.