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Year 13


Update on coursework:

I will not be asking for you to hand in completed externally set task projects. However, if you are doing art next year (A-Level or beyond) I would suggest you complete as much as possible so you can present a completed portfolio at any potential interview and to keep your creative muscles moving!

In due course I will be sharing project ideas to keep you ticking over so you do not have a shock when you return to education in September. The best place to keep up to date with these is on our Instagram page (silverdale_art) but I will also email you directly, via your school email.

Please feel free to email me anytime, I will pick them up when I am online Tuesdays-Friday

Mrs Smith: Tuesday-Thursday (and Fridays alternate). Email:

Economics B

We have finished the course so revision should be the main focus of you work. 

Revision materials for Units 1 to 4 have been emailed to you.Don’t neglect last year’s work this could just as easily to be tested.

Use the A3 sheets and topic trackers alongside your syllabus to make sure you understand all aspects of the course. Email any questions to your teachers. 

Exam practice is crucial and I will be emailing you instructions on where to access the paper we will need to complete under exam conditions each week. Time is our major enemy here and I implore you not to deviate from the time you will have in the exam - 2 hours per paper. This is crucial so we get a realistic idea of how you will perform under pressure and devise strategies to get you the best chance of success. 

Email your exam paper to your teacher, either a scanned paper version, (you can get scanning apps for your phone if you don’t have one at home) or a typed version that you attach. Please stick to the method you will use in the real exam , if you type- type your answers , if you will write, write your answers. 

Paper 3 shouldn’t be neglected, I will email the summary sheets that I was intending to cover in lessons in the next two weeks. We have covered bullet points 1-3 but still need to look at bullets 4-5.  You are have your booklets, condense these notes and send over any queries via emails. We will also need to complete practice paper 3s too.



Complete work set by class teacher on Google classroom. Email any answers to set exam questions to the teacher as appropriate.


  • Complete the work set by your class teacher on Milk.
  • Email any answers to set exam questions to the teacher as appropriate.


You will have received an email from Mrs Dhimar and Ms Damms. Complete the work as directed by them.


Students should check their emails for instructions from their teachers.


Work will be set by each class teacher in the usual way.